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Our History

Founded in 2023 by visionary entrepreneur Andre Cornhill, our agency embarked on a mission to revolutionise the online landscape for Zambian companies. Recognising a critical gap in the market, Andre saw the untapped potential in enhancing the online presence of businesses in Zambia. Starting with a focus on providing innovative online solutions, we began our journey by offering comprehensive online presence solutions to local companies.

Driven by our founder's passion and the belief that every business deserves a strong digital footprint, we quickly gained recognition for our expertise in optimising online engagement. Over the years, we expanded our services, pioneering strategies enabling companies to thrive digitally. Our commitment to empowering businesses led us to diversify into various digital avenues, ensuring our clients can harness the internet's full power.

Today, we are a leading force in the digital marketing industry, offering a wide range of services tailored to fuel business growth. From our signature online presence solutions to specialised offerings like digital business cards and location services—including Google Maps profiles—we provide holistic digital strategies. Additionally, our expertise extends to creating engaging and informative blogs, enhancing our clients' online credibility and visibility.

At GoNet, we continue to innovate and evolve, staying at the forefront of digital trends to provide cutting-edge solutions for businesses. Our journey is a testament to our unwavering dedication to helping companies succeed online, ensuring they leave a lasting mark in the digital world.

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